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*Available to Just
One Dentist in Your Area

Comprehensive Program to Promote Healthy Dentistry

Modern Dentistry offers patients many services to improve and restore their smile, self confidence, and prevent dental disease.  The most significant benefit in recent years, however, has been the advances in understanding the relationship of oral health and total systemic health.


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We have been helping dentists professionally grow their practices for over 25 years.

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Your Own Health Brochure/Magazine

Our design team can help create your own Healthy Smile Dentistry m19agazine or newsletter.  Your patients will want to share them with their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others.    This can drive new potential health-conscious patients to our directory website or to your website.  Educating patients and prospective new patients about the importance of health-centered dentistry to our total health and wellbeing.

Oral infection (gum disease) has been linked to most major deadly disease processes: strokes, heart disease, diabetes...and more.  In addition, oral infection was a major co-vid-19 Pandemic.

Help your patients prepare for the next flu season or whatever virus comes next.  Improving oral health boosts the immune system by preventing pathogenetic bacteria from entering the body through infected gums.

Get Your Practice Listed:  www.BeautifulSmileDentistry,com

Exclusive Opportunity: Beautiful Smile Magazine & Directory Listing

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Family Health Matters Magazine

One of the most innovative marketing strategies ever created. We created the joint-cooperative health newsletter to professionally grow your dental practice in the most professional manner possible...Referrals from trusted health care professionals near your practice.  We combine your article on some aspect of your practice with articles from 5 to 8 other health care professionals in your area.  Your article is viewed by 3,000 to 5,000 patients from your referring partners.  

Are You Spending More and More Marketing Online and Getting Fewer and Fewer Results?

Most dental practices are all doing the same type of online marketing...more or less.  Online advertising, markeiting, SEO,,  Facebook posts,, LinkedIn,  The Next, Latest, Greatest. online marketing gimmick, whatever they come up with next...pretty soon every dentist's online marketing firm will all be doing the exact same thing.  There is no advantage in doing what everyone else is doing.  Online marketing in all of its multitude os iterations is becoming less and less effective--and more a more expensive. Dentists have all been doing the same old crap copy-cat marketing for years.  They are allpretty much just copying and doing exactly what every other dentist in their area is doing.  Dentists spend a lot of money fighting for marketing share.  There is a better way and we can help you.  You can learn how to differentiate your dental practice for a fraction of what other dentists are wasting each and every month...and the result is many more new patients choosing your dental practice.

The most professional way to grow your practice is with quality referrals from satisfied patients.  Referred patients cost you nothing...and referred patients tend to referral other new patients.

You can learn how to generate many more new patient referrals.  There are dozens of proven strategies to increase you new patient referrals each month. 

Our team has worked in the dental industry for over 35 years first as dental laboratory owners and then in dental practice marketing.  They have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of how to grow and sustain a dental practice.

Learning how to professionally market your dental practice is really quite simple and can be reduced down to some basic common sense fundamentals.  We can show you how to professionally grow your practice fast without spending a lot of money.

Let us do what we do best...generate quality new patients  so that your can do what you do best...perform high-quality dentistry.

CityBest Directory Network

The most innovative marketing strategy ever created. You can create your own referral network of 100 to 200 business owners in you local marketing area.  You can own your own advertising online directory for your city.  Invite other business owners, health care professionals, restaurant owners, contractors and more to connect online.  100 to 200 business owners in your community who can refer their employees, their vendors, and their customers to your dental practice.  This one marketing program can give you all of the new patient flow you will ever need.  Guaranteed.   This exclusive opportunity is available to just one dentist in your area.


You are a highly trained dental professional proficient at treating dental problems.  Most dentists have never spent their entire life studying business, communications, advertising, marketing, and the referral process.   Chances are that you are not very good at marketing.  Salespersons have sold you on doing exactly the same things that every other dentist in your are is doing.  There is a better way...

Your can learn how to double or triple your new patient referrals each month.  Let us help  you grow your dental practice fast without spending a lot of money.   It is easy to differentiate your practice from your advertising competition.

The Average Dentist Retires After 35 Years of Practicing Dentistry With a Net Worth of Just 1.2 to 3 Million Dollars


We Can Show You How To Put An Additional 1 to 3 Million Dollars in the Bank in the Next 3 to 5 Years. 

Join Our Exclusive Million-Plus Practice Plan*


The Most Professional and the Most Cost Effective Way to Grow Your Dental Practice is With New Patient Referrals.


We Can Show You How To Develop a 100% Referral-Based Dental Practice and Double or Triple New Patient Referrals.

We Have Been Helping Dental Practices to Successfully Market Their Dental Practices for Over Twenty-Five Years.


We have created dozens of powerful new patient marketing strategies to differentiate your "unique" dental practice from  all of the "general" dental practices in your area.

We Know That We Can Help You Increase Your New Patients Flow For A Fraction of What You Are Now Paying

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