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Beautiful Smile Marketing 

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Beautiful Smile Magazine

A great way to grow your dental practice is with cosmetic dentistry services.  We can show your how to showcase your cosmetic dentistry expertise with a beautiful and affordable Beautiful Smile Magazine.  We can customize an affordable 8, 12, 16 or 24 page publication for your practice. One of our clients generated over $187,000 in new cosmetic dentistry cases with just 100 copies distributed to businesses located near his practice.

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The Best Referral Training Program

Every dentist knows that the most professional way to grow your dental practice is with referrals from satisfied patients.  Quit wasting time and money of ineffective advertising and marketing.  You can learn the secrets of unlimited new patient referrals.  You can learn how to get more of your patients to refer more of their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.  However, that is just the beginning.  Learn more.  Click on the link below.


1-800-A SMILE Dentist Toll-free Number

A vanity 1-800 Phone Number has been proven to increase the results of every marketing area.  You only need to think of 1-800-DENTIST or   1-800-FLOWERS.  1-800-A-SMILE-DENTIST is available to just one dentist in your marketing area.  The Cost is only $49 per month and includes incredibly powerful marketing tools like call recording.  Just one more way to affordably and professionally grow your practice without spending a lot of money.


Networking With Other Business Owners

Networking and referrals from business owners, professionals, and healthcare providers can generate all the new patients your practice will ever need ...and they are FREE.  We can help you set up your own networking and referral system to professionally grow your dental practice fast without spending a lot of money.  Physicians are trained to refer every other specialist except the dentist.  We can help you change that quickly.


Beautiful Smile Directory


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A great way to attract new dental patients is to get listed on directory sites.  Kind of like an Angie's List for dental professionals that want to promote their smile design services by having clients be referred to them from a referral directory...similar to something like 1-800-DENTISTS without the high cost. Getting listed on is affordable and it is exclusive to just one dentist in your area.

We Have Been Helping Cosmetic Dentists to Professionally Market Their Dental Services for Over 25 Years

Doctors of Dentistry Referral Service


Instead of spending millions and millions of dollars each and every month to do self-promotional advertising and marketing, we should be doing cooperative marketing to promote the profession.  In stead of fighting for market share, dentists should be working together to educate consumers about the values and benefits of modern dentistry. If we focus on expanding the  market instead of fighting for market share, every dentist everywhere would be busier.  We created a dental marketing cooperative referral service model that was affordable and  highly effective.  

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