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I Can Help YOU Grow YOUR Dental Laboratory FAST Without Spending a Lot of Money...

Exclusive Opportunity  Available to Just One Lab in Your State.

BECOME the Top of Dental Lab in Your Area.


I am a former dental laboratory owner and dental ceramist.   I previously owned a chain of 14 different dental labs in 4 in different states. I was very good at marketing and creating innovative ways to attract new dentist clients.


After a few years, I even figured out how to finally get my existing clients to refer me to other dentists who became clients of my lab.   I am currently working with dentists across the country.  I do seminars and help dentists  learn how to generate more new patients from referrals.  And I can help you grow your dental lab too.  I am constantly asked by dentists if I know of a good dental laboratory.  I can refer some of them to your lab.

I am looking for a few good labs that would like to dramatically change the way that they market and attract new client dentists. I have created a number of innovative marketing strategies that allowed me to have unlimited growth spending a small fraction of what other labs were spending.

How Many New Client Referrals Does Your Lab get each year?  


The Best Way to Grow Your Dental Laboratory is With Referrals From Your Existing Dentist Clients.  It is hard to get your existing dentists to refer other dentists to your lab.  I have over one dozen other proven growth strategies that work with little or no cost.


I can help you grow your dental laboratory fast without spending a lot of money.  

Introducing a Comprehensive New Marketing Program to Give Your Dental Laboratory a Huge Competitive Advantage  
Just $1,200 One Year.  
This is an Exclusive Offer Available to Just Fifty Dental Labs 

Get in touch so we can start working together before your exclusive area is taken.

Questions?  email me or Phone 801-414-6136 to Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation

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The fastest way to grow your dental lab is to help your dentists generate more cases.  We can show you how.

Smile Magazine Generated Over $187,000 in One month for one San Diego Dentist

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