Our Team


Ron Norton

 Executive Officer  & Speaker/Lecturer

A Professor of Education since 1981, he has lectured nationally in New York, Boston, Tampa and Los Angeles and internationally in London, Dublin, Edinburgh Copenhagen and Toronto. His concentration for the last 6 years has been on Dental Marketing where he developed successful, consultative delivery methods that assist practice growth which in turn results in many more patients receiving the treatment that they need. He created 8 training courses for Dental Health Care staff to teach them how to acquire new patients through internal marketing principles and how to guide patients to accept their treatment plans as well as the principles of customer care that make patients want to come back for more service. Ron has worked in Marketing for over 40 years. Primarily concerned with the training of staff, his work philosophy is that yourstaff are your most valuable asset and education is your most powerful tool to develop that asset. His lectures on management and marketing have helped thousands improve their skills. He has trained students inacademy and on site. Ron and his wife of 38 years have 2 children and 2 young grandchildren who are the delight of their lives.


Majid Tabibzadeh

Founder & Partner of Viva Dental & Speaker / Lecturer

Majid has been working with dentists in the marketing and consulting business for 22 years. A graduate of UC Berkeley's Computer Science program, he conducted extensive post- graduate study in business and administration. Majid is an expert in business management, workplace compliance, HIPAA, and the application of revolutionary business practices to the dental industry. In the past two decades, he has delivered hundreds of lectures to dental societies across America. His lectures have drawn audiences of more than 300 dental industry professionals. Over the years, Majid has founded and developed several successful, multi-faceted marketing, consulting, and management-related companies. His most recent project, VIVA Concepts, currently serves over 5,000 dentists nationwide after 5 years of operation. VIVA Concepts involves a unique approach to practice growth. It introduces new systems and campaigns for maximizing the quality of patient care and satisfaction. VIVA promotes better and more efficient delivery of service to patients through the use of award-winning, patented products that are highly effective at delivering doctor communication with patients. 


Dr. Greg Hughes D.D.S.

CEO of Viva Dental & Speaker / Lecturer

Dr. Hughes brings more than 25 years experience in dental marketing, consulting and business development.  He has lectured to more than 30,000 dentists and office staff on the four main factors that determine long-term practice growth... those factors being:  1) Customer Acquisition, 2) Consumer Sales (treatment plan acceptance), 3) Consumer Retention, and 4) Consumer Reactivation. 

The "Viva System" and each of its products were researched and developed to create the lowest cost new patient marketing to the dental industry...which must include internal "word-of-mouth" patient referral .  Dr. Hughes coined and started the original "Care to Share" program in the early 1980s, and today, it can be found throughout any internet search using this phrase. 


CE Committee Team


Janet E. Norton 

Advisory Committee Chair

Founder of Preferred Dental . Jan has worked in the Dental Profession Management and Marketing area for the last 5 years. She has had a long and productive career effectively managing and training personnel, through HR programs she personally created, that assisted staffs to improve their skills. Her perspective on personnel is that anyone who is willing can improve – a principle that she proved to be true. With over 40 years of experience, she has implemented thousands of personnel evaluations and has worked with management to resolve issues such as lack of education, misassignments, drug abuse and emotional distress. While individual employees have always been her forte, she possesses the executive skills to engineer full personnel operations including creating needed positions, assigning roles and responsibilities and forming the core of organizations so that production can operate undistractedly. Jan now lives in Southern California with her husband of 38 years and is the proud mother of 2 professionally successful children and the grandmother of 2 young grandchildren who are the apple of her eye.


Dr. Edik Haghverdian D.D.S.

 Licensed Practicing Dentist & Advisory Committee Member

Dr. Haghverdian DDS earned his Doctors and Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California. He then completed prestigious residencies on Comprehensive Esthetic and Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics. He received his Perio Surgical Skills certificate from the Perio Institute. He has 20 years’ experience, and specializes in Conservative Dentistry (Biomimil Dentistry). Outside of Dentistry, Dr. Haghverdian enjoys time with his 2 children and is a pro at Table Tennis.


Dr.  Fine D.D.S.

Licensed Practicing Dentist & Advisory Committee Member

Dr. Fine graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in Engineering and Dentistry. She then completed a prestigious residency at UCLA. Dr. Fine is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Glendale Academy of Dentists. Outside of Dentistry, Dr. Fine enjoys running, gardening, and cooking.